Consultative Services

There is an average daily census of 15-25 patients on the Nephrology Consultation teams’ services at Jackson Memorial Hospital and UHealth Tower, and approximately 10-15 at the Veterans Administration Hospital. At Jackson Memorial Hospital and UHealth Tower, patients are approximately 45% Hispanic, 30% African-American, 10% Haitian, and 10-15% non-Hispanic Caucasian. Patients may be seen in the emergency room, inpatient floors or intensive care units for consultation. A large number of high acuity patients are seen in a diverse number of ICU settings (MICU, SICU, Trauma ICU, Neuro ICU, CCU), many of whom require continuous modalities of renal replacement therapy.

Service Schedule


We no longer have a 24hr call system. After fellow feedback, we transitioned to a night float system

During the day the fellow on night float has no responsibilities. On average call will be one on every 10 weeks